Eaton Elocker Wiring Question


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Aug 25, 2023
Los Angeles, CA
This is an Eaton Elocker wire at the diff. Should there be power at the white wire side of this plug when the switch is on?
I've tried checking across the two sides black to white, and I've checked white to chassis, and black to chassis. None of them have power when the switch is on.


I've check all the connections I can think of at the relay.
  • Red wire has power
  • Red/Yellow wire has power when the switch is on and no power when the switch is off
  • There is power across the diode when the switch is powered is on.
After some fiddling around, the answer is yes, there needs to be power across the wires at the locker to lock. That makes sense, but it was driving me nuts. I'm not sure what I did. I reseated all the connections and tested again. The power came on.
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