Ecu remap for turbo Tj 4lt


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Jun 22, 2021
I bolted on a turbo kit to my 4lt 2004 tj wrangler and want to know if I can get a generic remap program for factory ecu?
I bought syked program for my dyno tuner and he said can’t connect?
He wants me to wire in a new ecu and injectors ect. costing 5k.
I’m located in Brisbane Australia and can’t find help local
If anyone knows someone in Brisbane who can remap factory ecu or have a saved map for turbo I can use it would be appreciated
Jeep is collecting dust atm and ready to pull off turbo
Is the PCM functioning properly otherwise? Can you start, idle, and drive it off boost with no issues? If yes, see if something besides Syked would work like HP Tuners or SCT for example. There is somebody with a turbo build in the garage section that is using something else entirely, can't remember what.
Yeah all works fine other than in boost
Hopefully someone sees this is already done a tune on one