Engine rebuild complete encountering Msifire cylinder 5 and 1

The Mando

Aug 2, 2021
I'll try and be clear and to the point.

Completed my engine rebuild after I verified tdc, compression, and did a leak down. (I'm still sealing up the exhaust leaks which I suspect is the issue) I thought I got all of the exhaust leaks yesterday. I had a leak at the forward bolt on the header and where the down pipe mates.

I replaced the cam shaft, and cam shaft sensor.as well as the push rods which ended up measuring alot.longer than was was originally in there. I also ended up with new lifters, and I went with the Edelbrock aluminum cylinder head (never again, had nothing but issues)

Didn't really get the engine warmed up or into closed loop but here's some quick readings off the obd I just wanted to run by for comparison. I had alot of issues prior tp the rebuild so I can't use those numbers.

Coolant 183..2 F
Intake 5.5 PSI
Revs 724 RPMS
Load 5.9%
Intake 113 deg
Timing advance 9.5
Throttle 16.9
Boost - 9.2
F/T 025:1 -1.6%
F/T 025:5 0.8%
02 025:1 0.8V
02 025:2 0.1V
02 025:5 0.8V
02 025:6 0:2V
LTF1 -16.4%
LTF2 -13.3%

I haven't driven it but maybe 8 miles I'd say and it went into limp mode forn1 mile with the misfire but has felt fine since. It was getting actual misfires at the time but hasn't since. It feels like it drives fine aside from the exhaust smelling off slightly and a wiring noise I haven't been able to put my finger on. I can't tell if it's the cam shaft breaking in or another part still or if it's a slight whistle from an exhaust leak or vaccum leak. ( I've got horrible hear from working on helicopters for a decade plus) The noise sounds like it's close to the coolant pump up top but underneath it's close to the exhaust so I'm guessing it's still leaking some from where the down pipe mates upwven though I used jb weld pipe sealant pretty liberally after cleaning and sanding the area and cleaning again and applying torque and allowing it to dry. The pipe had a slight angle so there was always going to be a need for a little extra help to seal.

I'm just curious if the misfire is being caused by the new Cam since it's different than the stock timing. I went with the Comp cam Xtreme 4x4 205/213, .488/.507 Hydraulic Cam for Jeep 4.0L 1999-06. I've read you need to teach the pcm to relearn and I've got a guy coming down Sunday with his DRB.

Replaced Every sensor as well as every ground has been cleaned, hit with the tap and die, sanded the paint away etc.. All wires are mostly new minus the major harnesses. Injectors new, plugs new(verified gaps several times as well as torques) Replaced spark plug rail with the Viper mod coil wires ( had my reasons), So to summarise everything is new and triple checked as working in good condition.