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Fan clutch or coolant flush first?


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Jun 28, 2020
Looking for some advice on which todo first to fix my high temps on my 02 (35k, original radiator). As long as I’m moving, OBDII shows ~210, when I idle, temps will creep up to ~235. Coolant was replaced last October.

Should I replace the fan clutch or do a full coolant flush first?

FWIW Is still in the 90s in GA.



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Sep 26, 2019
Edmond, OK
If it's only sitting still that it gets warm, I'd 100% do the fan clutch first. It's cheap and it's quicker to do, and since the problem is occurring specifically when the fan is in play, it's a reasonably likely culprit.

I've personally never had a coolant flush actually make one iota of difference in cooling system performance. Not that I think they don't work because I work in heat transfer so I know the impact of heat exchanger fouling... I just think that I haven't done one on a vehicle that was really in dire need of one.
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Aug 8, 2021
I am dealing with my overheat issues, which were also temperature going high in idle only, not when I drive. When I was in idle with ac on, it would start to creep north of 210 very fast. Fan clutch is new (Hayden 2771), thermostat is Mopar new, radiator is autozone crap.
I flushed (blue devil and 2 rounds of thermocure) with full engine block drain plug and it did improve.
Then I found that my water pump is leaking, and now replacing a water pump.
Also, I found that heater core is leaking, so I bypassed it.