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Oct 28, 2022
Northcentral Pennsylvania
I've wanted a Jeep since I was a kid. This is technically my fourth but the first one with a removable top that is drivable. I've been lurking the forum for about a month now. I bought my TJ on October 10th. It had just under 43000 miles at the time. Extremely low, but it is a rebuilt title so I'm not positive that it is accurate. I may or may not pull a Carfax at some point. It doesn't much matter now, the check has been cashed...

I also own a '94 Cherokee Sport with an AW4, it is off the road with some body rust. My wife thinks we should get rid of it, I'm trying to think about how to tell her I think we should save it for our kids who will start driving next summer. I bought a '74 CJ-5 about 20 years ago and never did get it road legal. Its wasting away in a family friends field. I should probably get them the title at some point. My wife drove an '06 Commander for about 8 years. The Hemi was too thirsty and in reality it should have never had a third row.

I appreciate how much knowledge there seems to be. I also recognize that this seems to be one of the most helpful and good natured forums I've seen. I'm looking forward to interacting with everybody and hopefully can contribute in a positive way. The pic is from the first day I dropped the top and the whole family went for a ride. Can you believe the kids complained about having homework to do when I told them we were going.

welcome out from the shadows and congrats on your acquisition 🍻
Welcome to the forum and great looking TJ!

I feel like I should give a disclaimer here about Blaine. He seems to scare everyone off with his demeanor. Don't let it get to you though because he is probably the most knowledgeable (and helpful) guy there is when it comes to our TJs.