First Jeep to play with!


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Feb 27, 2024
Sugar Hill, GA
Just bought my first Jeep on Sunday and looking forward to wheeling it. Bought a 98 Sahara, still figuring out what all is done to it, from what I can tell, it's got a Skyjacker lift with Fox 2.0 suspension, on 33's. I think first thing I'm going to have to do is get into all of the steering and suspension components and replace all the bushings, seems to have some pretty severe wander and bump steer! I'm a Toyota guy (I know, I know), but Tundras- not Tacomas or 4Runners! I still drive my Tundra daily and this TJ is my weekend toy. I'll be on here often I'm sure, I can take apart a Toyota with my eyes closed, but know absolutely NOTHING about Jeeps!! lol Any help and advice received is appreciated in advanced!
Welcome, be sure to post up some pictures. There's a lot of knowledgeable folks around here that could tell a lot by just a few pictures.

One common cause of wandering and quirky steering on TJ's is overinflated tires. That's a great place to start before you start replacing parts that may or may not need to be replaced.