FIXED FM Radio Interference from Halo LED Headlights


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Nov 25, 2020
United State NY
I don't like to think of the amount of hours I spent trying to fix this. So maybe I can save someone else the trouble.
I bought a pair of halo LED headlights off ebay fairly cheap. They were only like $50 , but far as I can tell these same headlights are sold everywhere for a range of prices. I attached a picture. They have halo daytime running lights(DRL). I love the way they look, but whenever I flipped on the headlights they would make my radio get terrible reception. I tried ferrite cores to suppress the interference with no success. I also tried relocating the antenna away from the front to the rear with no success. What I finally narrowed it down to is when the DRL and the headlights are on simultaneously the circuits in the headlights puts out a ton of interference. I went to the auto store and got a SPDT relay. The pin 85A on these is normally on, and when the relay is energised turns off. So I wired it into the headlight wires so when the headlight turns on it turns off the DRL.
AH I can now listen to the radio at night. Hope this helps someone.

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Great catch! Kinda weird that the DRL causes interference but the main headlite does not. I purchased a pair of cube driving lites from another member here - and they BLAST out RFI on the CB band. AM/FM/GMRS are fine. Ferrites didn't do a damn thing for those either.
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Several years ago I installed LED bulbs into a IPF H4 headlights and they produced 3/4 scale interference on my UHF/VHF radio.
I tried grounding the ballast, grounding the LED light body, putting ferrite beads on the power leads for both the headlights and the Ham radio; none of these had any results.
The Chinese made CR@P is why things like this happen.
I contacted the vendor explaining the problem and he authorized the return of the lights.
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