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Troy got hit in the head a lot... he wasn't the working from the best place to start with either.

Here’s what Aikman was working with (grabbed from elsewhere)

- Greatest O-line in NFL history

- First ballot Hall of Fame WR

- NFL career rushing leader

- First Team All Pro TE

- A top 3 defense

- Hall of Fame HC
More than 200 million watched at least part of the Super Bowl on Sunday

The Super Bowl had an average of 123.4million viewers on Sunday night, the most watched telecast in history and the second-most watched US broadcast event behind the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The previous record belonged to last year's Super Bowl, which drew 115.1million average viewers. CBS Sports announced the astonishing figures less than 24 hours after the Kansas City Chiefs lifted the Lombardi Trophy

Only the Apollo 11 Moon landing was watched by more people in history, with an estimated average of between 125-150million viewing the 1969 event live between multiple networks.

On CBS itself, 120million people watched the game, the largest audience in history for a single network. Incredibly, more than 200million viewers watched at least part of the Super Bowl across all networks and streams that were broadcasting the game.


Swift was shown on CBS' broadcast of the Super Bowl for 54 seconds on Sunday night, equal to than less than one percent of the entire time the game was on.

The rest of the top-10 most-watched events of all-time are all Super Bowls, dating back to 2011 - demonstrating that while Swift will likely have impacted viewership numbers, games are still extremely popular without the pop star.

The Super Bowl was up seven percent in viewership from last year. Final Nielsen data will be available on Tuesday morning.

The game's total audience was up 10 percent from last year. Univision averaged more than 2.2million viewers, the highest for a Super Bowl for a Spanish-language network.

Paramount+, CBS' streaming service, also had a record-setting audience for the Super Bowl.

NFL regular-season games averaged 17.9 million viewers in 2023, tied for the second highest since averages were first tracked in 1995.

Millions of Swift's fans have tuned into several Chiefs games throughout the season, helping the NFL set ratings records throughout its season.

The 'Anti-Hero' singer's likely in-person attendance at the Super Bowl likely made millions of her fans tune in to see her cheering on Kelce.

Although the Super Bowl set plenty of US broadcast records, its viewership is dwarfed by other televised events worldwide.

The most-watched global event was the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which had four billion viewers worldwide in September 2022.

Nine events have garnered at least a billion viewers, including three sporting events. The opening ceremonies of the 1996 Sumer Olympics is the No 2 watched event in history with 3.5 billion viewers.

The rematch between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks in 1978, Ali's last win of his professional career, drew two billions viewers worldwide. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Final garnered 1.5 billion viewers.

This year's Super Bowl is the No 16 most-watched event in worldwide history.