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For you stereo guys


Sep 26, 2017
2001 TJ sport

The stock stereo in my TJ is gone to junk. You try turning the volume down and it actually goes up. Leaving you stuck turning it off or listening to a full blast and overall just doesn't sound good.

I just spent my money putting a new Android stereo head in my Ford F-150 although the stock radio in that was perfectly okay.

My question is can I fit the stock radio for my 2008 f150 into my TJ? I believe they both are double DIN, and I assume it will need a wiring adapter harness and an antenna adapter.

Does anyone make a Jeep to a Ford stereo wiring adapter?

is this a bad idea to save money or should I just go and buy a cheap new radio and start from scratch?

the overhead speakers don't sound very good at all either I assume I probably should be looking for another pair of those.

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New Member
Mar 16, 2018
You can get a ton of cheap older head units on eBay, I would go that route.

Search for a Ford F150 wiring harness on eBay, I bet you'll find something if you are really determined to go that way.


New Member
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Dec 13, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI
The stock TJ radio is a 1.5 DIN size. If the Ford radio is double DIN, it won't physically fit.

You could try opening up the TJ radio and cleaning the contacts for the volume knob. Worst case, it gets trashed or can't be cleaned and you just get a cheap used or aftermarket replacement as suggested above.
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Jan 10, 2018
CT, United States
If you are trying to save money just buy a used Wrangler OEM head unit, plug and play...or buy a new head unit from Crutchfield.

The cheaper route is a used Jeep head unit, but a new Crutchfield one is not expensive, for a single DIN, the larger head units will cost more due to needing a bracket.

Make a post in the wanted section for a Jeep head unit, or look at these two, a single din and double din.

Free installation gear with a single DIN

+$65 for installation gear on a double din

A little cheaper



Sep 26, 2017
Ok... Appreciate the replies,. I'm going to find a new cheap replacement and go that route.

I like the idea of looking/asking around for an OEM unit someone doesn't need as well.

And I like the idea of taking it apart and seeing what I see just for fun as well.


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Apr 15, 2019
Is stereo theft still a concern when mounted in the dash? Back in the day, someone stole one out of my car. But these days it seems stereo head units are a dime a dozen, so maybe only an expensive looking unit would warrant center console location, so it could be hidden/locked up?

Willys LJ

TJ Enthusiast
Oct 26, 2018
Dyer TN
My stock radio/cd player was dodgy when I bought the LJ. I put in a relatively cheap Kenwood media player ($75), put a bunch of mp3s from my computer onto a USB and rock on now. I do have the stock 7 speaker set up which works nicely with the Kenwood.