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Jan 12, 2019
Iowa, Trenton's Tiki Hut
Just wanted to say "hey" to everyone.

Purchased a '97 TJ Sport back in 2007. Haven't one any major changes to her but over the years while searching online for solutions to issues or researching into potential parts purchases I've been directed to these forums and learned a LOT. Finally pulled the trigger and joined today. "Thank you" to everyone who's posted on here as chances are you helped me learn a thing or two at some point.

Looking forward to being able to add my own experiences and hopefully help out any TJ owners in the future.
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Welcome aboard. As you have probably already read in here somewhere, we like pictures. And you probably know the saying here...."Pictures or it didn't happen". We need to see a picture of your Jeep :)
Glad you came out of the shadows. Welcome to the forum!

Oh, and as we always say...

This thread is worthless without pics
Pictures will be in-coming over the next few days. Most current one I have is... 6 years old :-(

After working on her later today and tomorrow I will post an updated one.

Until then here's the most recent...