Found this atrocity on marketplace today

Tranz Zam

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Jan 13, 2019
Someone butchered a Rubi Unlimited. To top it off, it only has 16k miles.

Poor, poor Jeep :(



I’ve seen one of those locally. They really do look horrible in person.
Why not? No need for tent or trailer for camping. Can hook-up small fridge ,stove and sink for a RV Jeep. Self contained camping/wheeling unit. Maybe not too good on rocks,tight trails,hilly terrain but straight flat outback it would be great. I'd say they could at least clean up those damn bumpers and jugs and a little trim paint on the flares. ;)
He needs to make a decision half doors or full...not both!!!

Could be worse in point lol ( it has a Ram 2500 conversion )

I think Jay Leno's chin has some competition

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I think the worst part of the way it looks is the stupid window line, If they had either done all full doors or all half with a shorter half like the YJ that was posted above it wouldve looked infinitely better.

However it looks too long too and is probably not practical whatsoever
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I found another disaster. I'll post some pics later.

Basically someone turned a YJ into a VW Thing
You guys are whining like the bunch of titbaggers from steel soldiers, when someone acquires a pristine military 6x6, then proceeds to bob it.