Virginia Fox 2.0 rear shocks, Wheel spacers, Luk Pro Gold Clutch, rear shocks

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Mar 28, 2020
Northern VA
Northern Virginia
Pair of Currie lower control arms. I just rebuilt them with brand new bushings or whatever the black parts are called. Everything is greased and threads all anti seized and ready to install. $160+ shipping. SOLD


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Currie front upper double adjustable control arms. Antiseized the threads, regreased joints. $150+ shipping. SOLD


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Currie double adjustable rear upper control arms. Regreased joints, antiseized threads. $150+ shipping.



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How much for all of them?
Still more coming, but I'm letting them go cheap to move them so not much cheaper. Lemme post up the rest and we can talk.

Currie single adjustable rear upper control arms. Threads cleaned and antiseized, joint disassembled, cleaned, and greased. $130+ shipping. SOLD


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Metal Cloak rear upper control arms. I ran them for a few years with zero issues or noises. Took them off just to install some Currie double adjustables. There does look like a little bit of separation between the bushing and the metal center. I would say count on rebuilding them just to CYA, but I personally would install them and go on mine. Threads cleaned and antiseized. $120+ shipping. SOLD


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Do you have both front and rear Currie lowers?

Is there a chance for a bundle price for a set of 8? I am in need of new control arms, and this would be a great snag. I am running stock arms with 272K on them lol.
Very banged up Currie lower control arms. One is completely seized and looks maybe bent? Maybe with some work it could be saved. I'm not putting the effort in to it. The other I cleaned and greased the joints. Removed the end using heat, antiseized, and could only get it to screw back in as fast as shown. Maybe it needs a giant ass tap run through it? I dunno. $40+ shipping for one or both. SOLD


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Steering with a stock TJ drag link and ZJ tie rod. Joints are good, boots are too. $60 local pickup only. SOLD


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Do you have both front and rear Currie lowers?

Is there a chance for a bundle price for a set of 8? I am in need of new control arms, and this would be a great snag. I am running stock arms with 272K on them lol.
Sorry, posting a little bit at a time from work. I don't have a complete set because the last pair I posted were so banged up and I don't really consider them usable, but if you want to give a shot at fixing them up, it might be doable. What rear uppers would you want?
Interested in the currie front upper and currie rear cupper control arms shipped to MA. Don't have enough posts to PM. PM me if still available.
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PM sent as well. Looking for a pair of lowers if they are not called for.
All control arms gone.

Pair of old adjustable Rancho RSX9000 shocks. They worked just fine when I pulled them for longer shocks and feel like they are in good shape, but they are like 10+ years old and a little crusty on the can. I lightly sanded and spray painted them white a while back just to cover up the surface rust. Supposed to be for 2-4" lift IIRC. $40 shipped (which is basically what they cost to ship) or $20 local pickup.


Factory fog lights. I think these are for either '03 or '04 and up. They are factory Hella FWIW. I got them a while ago for shipping and beer money from somebody nice enough to send them on here. I realized the plugs are different for my year ('98) so I went a different direction. One lense is cracked, there is a broken bracket, and they have some paint spatter or something on them. I sent him $25 for them so that's what I'm asking. SOLD


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