Fram air filter: MX vs USA?

@TheBoogieman it was certainly filthy and long overdue for a change.


I use WIX filters because I have an online source that has them for 1/2 the brick and mortar store price. I keep a back stock for every vehicle. I agree that change interval is more important than which major brand to buy. My vehicles routinely last for 300K before replacement and that’s usually because the peripheral items on the engine begin to fail and they become unreliable.
Cool you jets guys. I have bought from them for yrs.

An example, for my 19 F250 oil filter WIX 51372XP.
There price $8.02
Oreilly’s price $15.99

I have 11 vehicles that I service and use WIX only and keep in stock. On my Kubota tractors I only use factory filters from the dealer.
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Last post from me for this rigmarole discussion I brought to the forum. Its the stamp on my old Napa filter which was also made in MX. Which I have no beef with. In fact, I like Fender guitars made in Mexico. 😎 But I also noticed these raised areas on the Napa filter. Maybe its to help it stay in place for some applications, but I haven't noticed that feature on any other filter I observed in Wally world:



I’ve seen those on other filters too. I always thought they were for a little more rigidity so the mesh didn’t flex as much. 🤷🏻‍♂️