Free Jeep



Is this the Jeep you got for free?

You’re going to be amazed at how much this free jeep is going to cost you.
Any vehicle can cost big $$$. I've spent far more on my 2013 Genesis sedan repairs in the last two months than I've spent on repairs for my TJ since I bought it 14 years ago.

Bad struts last year. Then there were massive deep/loud clunks while driving developed the last two months. Had to essentially replace its entire suspension for $3600 which didn't include the four struts I bought and they installed last year. This time it was for new A-arms (4 per wheel, upper/lower & front/rear of each wheel), and antiswaybar links. All the rubber bushings were shot (most had big holes through them!) and the A-arm bushings can't be replaced separately. I questioned all that and confirmed everything visually. I've been using this particular shop almost two years and they have been completely honest on everything, they always show me all the issues for both our cars. It had been reliable before the recent struts & suspension issues so I'm knocking on wood but damn it was expensive this year.
I got a 2001 jeep wrangler sport free. It wasn’t running and I put a fuel pump on it and it started right up. It has 33 inch tires on it. The torsion bar links are 11 inches long. The fender flares are 7 inches above the top of the tires. I know nothing about jeeps. This one has 93000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me if it has been lifted?

I measured my springs and on the front they were 15 inches. Thanks to all for your help.
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folks hating on boats but i’ve had my boat 31 years this month. have spent less than $2500 in repairs over the years. between the boat, two harley davidson motorcycles and the jeep the jeep is the biggest money pit i’ve had. just empty every pocket! love my toys regardless of the $ spent. ymmv.