Front driveshaft angle


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Sep 28, 2015
Gillette, WY
I'm installing my Currie 4" lift. In the process of doing so I need to adjust my pinion angles. I know what the rear angle is supposed to look like with the Tom Wood double cardan driveshaft I'll be installing.

However, I am wondering if anyone has a photo of what my stock front driveshaft angle should look like?
The front driveshaft is so long Chris that its angle isn't nearly as affected by suspension lift height as the short rear driveshaft is.

However, the front driveshaft has a CV (double cardin) so it has the same pinion angle requirement as a rear aftermarket CV driveshaft does. But you don't normally have to adjust the front pinion angle for a 4" lift sincy, again, the front driveshaft is long enough to barely be affected by a 4" suspension lift.

But to cut to the chase... (and ignore that it shows the rear driveshaft, it's the same for the front)
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Ahhh, so it's pretty much the same angle as the rear driveshaft.

I was only curious since I'll be installing the Currie control arms and in the process of doing so I might need to reset (or fine tune) the front pinion angle and I wasn't sure if the Yoke was supposed to be inline with the driveshaft (like the rear) or if it was supposed to be flat.

Now it makes sense though knowing that the front is a double cardan driveshaft.