Fuel Injector Tester / Cleaner Kit?


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Aug 24, 2019
South Carolina
My injectors are removed at the moment. Figure I should test them or perhaps clean them before I put them back in. They are originals with about 100k miles on them over the past 25 years.

I see some cheap kits online. Anyone ever use these, and have any feedback on whether they're worth the effort?

Example here.

I wonder if the spray cans put out a pressure comparable to the fuel pump, and whether that matters.
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Legit Street Cars hawks one on his YouTube channel all the time...looked decent and affordable.

Edit: found it...https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NYWH1QP?linkCode=ssc&tag=onamzlegitstr-20&creativeASIN=B07NYWH1QP&asc_item-id=amzn1.ideas.25NGH5Y6C724L&ref_=aip_sf_list_spv_ofs_m_asin

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I can’t vouch because I haven’t needed injector service, but have read good things about Mr Injector.
Maybe just an additive to clean? Several options. I've only done a bottle treatment.

Thanks. I'm not even sure they need to be cleaned. But I already have them removed, so thought I'd see whether there are any simple and inexpensive ways to see if they still spray well under some kind of pulse test.
So has anyone used one of these cheap kits that I linked above, and have any feedback?
Interesting. I didn't know there were places you could send them off to.

I have used WitchHunter Performance in the past for some of my other project cars.

This topic reminds me of a clip I saw of the Hoonigan boys playing around with injectors the other day. Maybe keep in mind sparks and vicinity to gas/aerosol cleaners though. Not saying this is a good cleaning by any means, but if you need to get one working now or try to diagnose a problem in a pinch...

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