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Dec 12, 2015
In the hills of WA
Polar Night has begun above the Arctic Circle. The sun officially sets at 1:48 p.m. local time today- Saturday, November 18th, 2023 in Utqiagvik, Alaska formerly known as Barrow starting its 65-day hiatus from the sun. It won't peek above the horizon again until January 23, 2024. For 65 days the town of about 5,000 people begins its 65-day period of darkness, known as polar night. Home to the Barrow Environmental Observatory, researchers come to Utqiaġvik to study the Arctic. The people of Utqiaġvik aren't in complete darkness for 65 days. Civil twilight happens for several hours during the period of polar night providing enough light to see during what would generally be daytime hours. The northern third of Alaska lies above the Arctic Circle, the ring of latitude that encircles the frigid Arctic polar region. Utqiaġvik is 500 miles northwest, about four-hours flight time from Fairbanks, located just north of the Arctic Circle. Utqiagvik is not the only Alaskan town to experience polar nights the residents of Kaktovik, Point Hope and Anaktuvuk Pass will also be without the sun. Their final sunsets happen between late November and early December.
Image- University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Yep winter is truly here. Already double digits below zero more than once this month. At least we still get a few hours of daylight here on the Kenai.

Since I was a kid when I lived there it never bothered me. I'm glad I don't live there now...

Stay warm.
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One dark and stormy night we pulled into Tromso, Norway. January, 1971, I think. It was as dark as I have ever seen. Entire waterfront was dark at 4 p.m. We went for a stroll, looking for people. Found them in the disco. I think the entire population was in there. Man, can those Norwegians drink! We were there for three days. Never saw any light from the sky. I can see how drinking becomes a favorite pastime during the winter. The only thing worse than the dark was the cold. About 215 miles north of the Arctic Circle and right on the Norwegian Sea, the wind blows all the time.
We went back about six months later and it was like any other Norwegian city. Clean, nice people, everything normal. Like something out of the Twilight Zone.
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Other than the severe cold snaps I do not mind the dark so much. I actually have a tougher time with the long days in the summer.

I'm sure the dark wouldn't bother me but I'm not a fan of the cold anymore. As a young soldier when I was stationed at Ft Richardson we would have marathon softball games in the summer and Risk games during the winter... Of course there was some drinking happening but no more than any other time.
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