Got Some Good Music Videos?

So I started playing this song in the parking lot of the hockey rink to get my 8 year old pumped up before his games. In the TJ with the roof off, other kids saw my son rocking out & got into it too as they were getting gear out of their own cars. Then I played it in the locker room a few times, then I got complaints from other parents lol.

Trivium is a band that at times can be one of my favorites, and others not so much.

I like them when he sings. I'm not so much into the screaming/growling thing that is so common in modern metal.

This video combines the band at their best with a hilarious take on the performance video (when the band just makes a video of themselves playing the song instead of doing something like a short film), where some random old guys play the band, set in a crappy looking small town bar very reminiscent of where I spent a lot of my 20s.

Pam lives in Ladysmith, BC. Have seen her around town a few times. Without make-up and casual dressing-down, she'd still catch your eye. She stood in front of me waiting for her coffee . . . said 'good morning' and smiled.
She did give you hep did she?
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