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Apr 11, 2024
***1998 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0L. U.S. manufactured so no DRL module, headlight switch is the pull left of the steering column. Not the twist like in the 2000 and up*** So trying to diagnose a problem with my headlights. I’ve tracked the issue back to where I think the problem is. When I hot wire my lights they have no issues. (Hot wiring them at the connector that goes to the head light dimmer switch, additionally hot wired every other component that goes through that connector to test them and they all operate fine with direct power, this is why I believe the issue is the switch.) when the connector is connected to the 9 pin headlight dimmer switch the switch gets extremely hot. Almost to the point you cannot touch it. Once it gets hot the issue begins. I’ve had to replace the connector before because it had melted.( currently has new connector and switch) and I have a brand new connector installed(3rd one) it seems that maybe connector is getting burnt out or that the connector has a built in replay that is burning out. I can’t figure out why this is occurring. Any help is appreciated. ***headlights are delta headlights, fog lights that are tapped into original wiring are LED (non name brand) ***