Heavy duty pressure plate?


Mar 22, 2021
Hello all, I'm replacing my clutch for the second time in 3 years or less. I'm attaching picture of the pressure plate. This is exactly what the last one looked like. I'm assuming it's something to do with the throw out bearing? Could definitely be wrong, but the throw out bearing is concave on the side that pushes on the pressure plate fingers. I know the luk kit has had some bad reviews on the throw out bearing. Do you think it's just that? I'm thinking of getting a different throw out bearing this time( recommendations?) And also considering getting a stronger pressure plate but I can't find reviews on any of the so called heavy duty pressure plates. I know everyone here recommends the luk kit and don't seem to recommend their heavy duty version. But does the heavy duty luk kit have an upgraded pressure plate or is it just the clutch plate that's stronger? Any info would be greatly appreciate.
Is there any way to adjust the clutch pedal plunge depth?
Also does anyone know what a good set of replacement bolts would be for the pressure plate? I almost stripped one bolt so I want a new set.
2002 jeep Wrangler sport. Nv3550 transmission if that makes any difference.




Is it just me or does that throw out bearing look like it's missing something...like the bearing?

Wonder if the bearing is still seized to the shaft of the presumably AX-15.

Wonder if the pilot bearing wore out and allowed a lot of shaft movement...which in turn cooked the throwout bearing...then the fingers, etc.

How's the clutch, pressure plate and pilot bearing look? How about the shaft of the transmission?

You do a lot of deep river fording?

When I did my AX15 swap I ended up with an extra that I keep around as a spare. The surface is flat, not concave. I'm pretty sure that concave surface is where the balls/rollers ride.



But I have to think that would have made one hell of a racket being just metal on metal until wearing through the fingers.
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Is it just me or does that throw out bearing look like it's missing something...like the bearing?

exactly. The bearing is gone. I would like to see what the input shaft retainer looks like. By the looks of the bearing sleeve, I'd bet it was hanging up on the retainer and never fully releasing.
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Thanks for the replies. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. This project is pressing now that neighbors are apparently not happy seeing my jeep on jackstands. Uhg. But what's weird is I never heard anything weird. It wasn't squealing, there was no bang. It just grinded a couple of times then I felt a mild clunk and it was out. Surprisingly the pilot bearing and clutch look great. I'm still replacing but they look fine. And so does the output shaft.