Helicoil for a stripped caliper bolt hole in steering knuckle?


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Feb 3, 2019
San Ramon, CA
I was working on my 1998 4.0 last night and when I removed the caliper mounting bolt I found it was covered in grease and the hole it threads into on the steering knuckle was stripped. I guess who ever changed the brakes for previous owner had stripped it. I don't want to buy a new knuckle if I can fix it and it was recommend to use Helicoil or drill the hole for a bigger bolt. Does anyone have experience with this or a recommendation?


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Jan 31, 2019
Northern Illinois
I have used a helicoil on a 1998 Dodge Durango that had a stripped out caliper bolt...it worked just fine. My son put over 250k miles on that vehicle, and other than body rust, was still running strong.


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Mar 23, 2018
Martinez, CA, USA
I just noticed your in San Ramon. I can look in my garage and see if I can find the kit. If you promise to return it you can use one of the inserts to fix your knuckle. I'm located in Martinez but work in Alamo. PM me if your interested.
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Nov 20, 2015
Quail Valley, CA
Thanks for the offer I might order one not certain yet.
EDIT: I placed the order seemed like a better option then Helicoil
Helicoils are a fine product used correctly. They are more suited for blind holes. They have two small issues when used in a through hole. You can't use a high strength thread locking compound on them to keep them from screwing out the other side if you get a burr on the bolt threads and the wound wire lets the thread locking compound work into the wrong side of the threads.

A solid insert like a Timesert, Keensert, or EZLoc is far better since you can lock them in place and not worry about issues later. That and if you do booger one up, they can be replaced pretty easily.
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