Hello from western CO ~ new to the forum and TJ/LJs

Pert Near

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Nov 11, 2023
Hello all,
I picked up a yellow 06 LJR with a mint body and chassis. She spent the first 12 years here in Colorado, a couple months in California, and the last 5 years in Arizona. The gentleman I purchased from did all the modifications and said he only wheeled it and did minimal on road miles. Current mileage 64k. She's got a 1" body lift and 2.5" lift. He added some bumpers, winch, skids, 5.38 gears, anti rock system, rockers, 15" bead lock wheels, and 35" tires.
My plan is to tighten up the steering, beef up the axles, upgrade brakes, on board air, and chase down any gremlins I find along the way. From there I'll see how she feels.
I am really excited to join the TJ forum and community.

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