Hey from the Houston area


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Mar 18, 2021
Pearland, TX

My name is Mike. I'm from the Houston, Texas area. I am a proud new Jeep owner as of this month. I've never owned a jeep before, but have always wanted one. My wife and I are working on getting debt free, so we decided to sell a bunch of stuff and get a cash car. While mulling over all the possibilities of what to get, we landed on a Jeep (little did I know at the time that it would not be friendly to our budget lol). For now, it's the perfect balance of budget and utility for us. We ended up getting a 2000 Sahara that is in really good condition. There is almost no rust on the Jeep at all, so I felt really good about grabbing this one up. So far we absolutely love the Jeep as well as the community that comes with it. Not to mention my two kids have a blast riding in it. I really don't have many long term plans to build bigger and better at this point, mostly just to take care of it as is and make repairs when needed. I have already been wandering around here gathering as much info as possible. Looking forward to learning more in the future.



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Feb 27, 2017
WElcome to the forum Mike! That Jeep should be fun around Houston, especially heading down to Galveston beaches! Nice little rig. Don't spend too much time on here or you'll be spending more...