Hitch-mounted bike rack recommendations?


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Apr 27, 2023
Looking for recommendations on a hitch-mounted bike rack. Should hold 1-2 bikes, preferably with some security.
Agree with One Up especially if you ever plan to off-road carrying a bike. The new super duty version is rated to carry up to 100lbs per tray. But crazy expensive like everything else these days.

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Expensive but worth every penny is the 1 up. If you do a lot of riding just bite the bullet and get the 1 up.

Agree with One Up especially if you ever plan to off-road carrying a bike.

For you guys with 1 Up bike trays, how is the mount itself with respect to twisting, vibrating, flexing, wobbling, etc. in the receiver hitch?

I have two 1 Up bike trays that came with my Sprinter. I removed them because they mounted to outriggers almost 5' from the ground and I knew at my age that I would never be lifting mountain bikes or an E-bike over my head.

Now I am trying to figure out how to use at least one of my 1 Up trays by using a 10" hitch riser/extender with the 1 Up "2" Single Hitch Assembly (pictured below) so that the rack will clear my rear boxes.

However, 1 Up recommends against using a hitch riser/extender due to stress on the anti wobble device . Since the 1 Up representative sounded like he was reading a legal disclaimer rather than speaking from actual knowledge of what I am contemplating, I'd like to hear from those who might actually have tried it.

Bike Rack Swing Arm 4.jpg


Maxtrax and Jerry Cans.jpg

Roadmaster 048-10 10" hitch riser/extender in place (solid shank, 10,000# capacity, 400# tongue weight - I currently use this for flat-towing my jeep):


1 Up 2" Single Hitch Assembly:

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1up mount works great, it pushes a ball outward against the inner side of the receiver so it really gets tight with no twist or wobble at all. I wouldn't hesitate to use that extender.

I have the original 1up single mount and an extra tray. I made my own plate to bolt the extra tray onto so my son has a rack so we have two single racks and then when we go together I just unbolt his tray from my homemade mount and bolt it to my 1up to haul both bikes.
Another vote for the 1Up. Having had experience with Thule, Yakima, Kuat, etc., nothing compares to the quality or stability of the 1Up. I've used mine for everything from a 12 lb micro mini BMX racing bike to a 38 lb downhill MTB, and it held them all rock solid stable.
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I have both the Thule T2 Pro on my Landcruiser and the One Up on my Wrangler and both are great. T2 is better if you have bikes with different tire sizes. There is no adjustment needed due to the design. Only negative is this thing is heavy. If you ever want to move it or store it, it weighs like 60lbs, takes up a lot of room and just doesn’t look as clean with the plastic bits. The One Up is much lighter and tucks away much more compact if you ever need to store it but the fixed arms makes it optimal for 29/700c all the time. Both are equally secure but I prefer the all metal build of the One Up without plastic straps and the smaller footprint. Both have options for locking your bike so no difference there.

Edit: I am using my One Up
with an extender to clear the rear tire and it is perfect. No issues whatsoever and I can’t imagine it being a problem. I bought my extender from One Up but it’s just a rebranded model from someone else.
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