Horn does not work


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Dec 27, 2023
Not familiar with all the under hood components in my 1999 TJ Wrangler 4.0.
But it looks like my horn is missing.
Is this spot it belong.
Ps...this is my first Jeep Wrangler. So don't beat me up too bad

Hey, at least it's not the clock spring.

And...looks like the plugs and wiring are there...

I relocated my horns and put a couple of VIAIR compressors in that spot.


Mounting bracket is right on, but the connector is not compatible. So is the horn the wrong one???
I don't remember what the plug is supposed to look like and I'm away from mine.
Maybe peel back the loom and see if a PO spliced in a different plug for a different horn.
Yes, I peeled back the protective covering...did not see a splice. I would love to know what the color code is. This would be coming from the horn relay.
My mechanic actually ordered replacement high low horns for my 97 Wrangler because mine were bad. They looked exactly like my originals. But, there was a problem in that the connectors were not exactly the same. I don't remember if we modified the connectors or just changed them. I felt that it didn't matter as the connectors would never be seen anyway. To me, it was kind of like upgrading my speakers and losing the original speaker connectors. I preferred thicker wires, so I upgraded the wires too.
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Got a horn from a friend. Says it fits my Jeep. Mounting bracket is right on, but the connector is not compatible.
So is the horn the wrong one???

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If you got a used oem horn from your year Jeep, then the plugs should clearly be the same. It makes no sense to me that Jeep made two different plugs for horns for the same exact year. Maybe the horn is from a different year and not your year Jeep. Also, from what I recall, there were two horns in my Jeep, a hi and a low horn. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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