How does the walker catalytic converter connect? front walker 53529 to rear Walker 16312.


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Mar 17, 2024
Jacksonville Florida
All my cats are clogged. I can't afford oem. I don't want to hollow it because I strictly drive the Jeep "naked" and don't want to be smelling the way it does when you delete them each time I come to a stop.

So I research aftermarket ones and personally found the walker brand to have pretty good feed back. The only thing is they make you buy the front and rear catalytic converters separately. When I look at a picture of how they connect front walker 53529 to rear Walker 16312, they don't show them using a clamp hmm? Im not a welder so if that's the only way I'll probably go with another brand. Maybe it's optional to buy a 2.5 inch clamp though if you don't want to weld it?

There shouldn't be anything stopping you from clamping it as far as I know. But I'm a little confused as to why it looks like they say there's a gasket right there but no flange or anything.
I think the gaskets (2) are for the header to downpipe clamps. Drawing puts them in a terrible place.

If you can't weld can you cut? I'd mock everything up under the Jeep, cut or mark the correct lengths and take it to an exhaust shop and have them weld a v band clamp between.

Pretty sure what they are calling a gasket is a band clamp. If you zoom you can see the cat side is flared. May be you could check with a local parts store to be sure. If what they are calling a clamp at the tail pipe is a ubolt clamp I would use a band clamp there as well. I don’t believe this setup would require welding.

I have a similar setup using a high flow MF cat. With the band clamps it is solid.
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Just saw Mac’s post. If the donut gaskets to the manifold are not included you will need 2. They are only a few dollars.
This is the part number image for the gasket. This is confusing. Do the later models use these at the manifold? Mine is a ‘98.