How many of you outdoor cook with a Traeger? If not what is your BBQ rig of choice?

Just got done smoking a pork butt, letting it cool down a bit then it's pull pork time.
I did a "Tri-sket last night. That is a Tri-tip done brisket style.
I love a medium rare tri-tip as much as the next, but I tried it low and slow like a brisket.
I found one with a nice thick fat cap on it and left it untrimmed.
Smoked at 225 till it hit 160, then wrapped it tight in butcher paper. Cooked it till it hit 204.
Wow. Extremely tender like a brisket, but with more steak-like flavor.
Made sandwiches with it. Family loved it.



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My wife got me a Terracotta pizza oven for Christmas. I finally got a chance to try it out. I've never used one before, so there will definitely be a
learning (burning) curve.

I went for the classic meat lovers for my Pizza and Mozzarella w/ Basil leaves for my wife's.
I suck at rolling a good dough. The pizza shapes were more amoeba shape than round. I need to learn to make them thinner also. I totally scorched all the edges of the crust too.

They tasted pretty damn good. The wood smoke added a great flavor. I will be practicing a lot more, and will experiment on different toppings. 🍕🍻



This was last night one at a buddy's getting ready for super bowl. I have the same smoker. 8 x 10 lb butts on Kamado Joe Big Joe, same size as BGE XL. We had to shove the cover closed. Held steady at 220 overnight.

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That much meat proved to be too much for that smoker. After we wrapped a few of them could not get the temp back up. Had to switch the wrapped pieces to a gas grill. It will get done though!