How many of you outdoor cook with a Traeger? If not what is your BBQ rig of choice?

Mind giving the full recipe?

Sorry I’ve been slammed with work

5 eggs
1-1/4 cup milk
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup corn meal

Mix the eggs and milk
Beat in the flour then corn meal

Melt some butter (2 tablespoons ish)
in a case iron skillet and work around the edges

Pour in the mix
Spoon in a can of chili
And what ever else you’d like ; corn ect.

Top with Cheese

If you’re gonna bake it in the oven, it goes in at 450 but I don’t take my smoker that high cause of past grease fires lol plus the smoker kicks it up way good

I cook till it doesn’t jiggle
Sour cream or Ranch with it
You can church it up with whatever you have lying around
Chuck roast for pulled beef sandwiches tonight.

Still without a smoker but momma wanted ribs. Used a hybrid method.

Some spareribs fat trimmed and silver skin removed.


Into foil with a simple rub.

Rolled up. Added half a can of Coke to each and into a 250f oven for two hours.

Pull from oven, let rest a few minutes then drain off liquid. Finished with charcoal, some alder chips because Alaska and my better half’s Coke based sauce.

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And the finished product after 5.5 hours on the Kamado grill.

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I let it rest like this for 45 minutes, then wrapped it in foil, a towel, and a cooler for two hours. It turned out pretty good!

How hot did you smoke it? That’s a fast cook for a full brisket.