How Much Rust Is Too Much?

Ryan H

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Nov 6, 2015
Northwest Chicago Suburbs
I have a completely stock 2000 Sahara and I would really like to put a small lift on it (even if it is just coil spring spacers) but I'm concerned about the rust. Looks like mostly surface rust but with the different moving components in the suspension I'm worried it'll cause problems. So how much rust is too much to safely lift my Jeep? Pictures would be helpful if you have them.
Pictures of your Jeep and the rust would make answering your question much easier, rather than us trying to find pictures of what may be too much rust.
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Been out all day and its too dark to get a good picture but ill post one when I can.

Sounds good! We'll easily be able to tell you how bad it is with some good photos.

Here's an example of too much rust: