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How much should I sell my TJ for?

John Cooper

TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Jun 10, 2020
Bryant, AL.
I used some to fix a manifold crack on my first TJ. It lasted almost 2 days. :(
Wrong application!!!

I have used it to patch a water leak on a farm tractor. The leak was on the block on a water jacket passage.

Then I had a F250 super duty with the 7.3. Oil pan had been hit and had a 2 inch crease in it, cleaned it up, then roughed it up real good with a sanding disc, filled it with JB Weld. Both are still working fine!!!!!!


TJ Addict
Dec 28, 2018
Man I can show you how to use some JB Weld!!!!!!!!

Put some on a copper pipe on the water heater in a pinch one night. Dripped in an hour. Had some high solids polyester filler (similar to bondo) it outlasted my water heater. I did manage to make a small dice out of the remaining jb weld that stayed on the work bench for a few yrs.


Jan 16, 2021
Sparta, NJ
Frame is the lifeblood of the Jeep. Everything else is salvageable, within reason. A "rusting/rotting" frame" is not, at least in terms of a financial perspective. So you could be looking at a part-out, or if you're talking about a little light surface rust, possibly a pretty nice TJ.