How to rotate tires after adding new tire to old rotation?


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Jul 16, 2016
Missoula, MT, USA
Hope that title made sense to someone, but in a nutshell I have recently punctured an inner sidewall while baja-ing through some rocky terrain and have just got the new tire in the mail today.

I'm wondering since I was previously doing a 5 tire rotation, do just put the new tire in the place of the punctured one and continue on as usual?...or since I have the "spare" tire now in the "front passenger" spot, which technically messes up my rotation pattern, should I just mount the "new" tire to the spare location on the back and switch to a 4 tire rotation? or is there a whole other protocol to follow when this sort of thing happens?

The tires are KO2's and they have around or less that 10k miles on them if that makes a difference.

Whats the consensus?


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Jul 7, 2018
I would just do a 4 tire rotation. Throw the new on the spare. Once you need new tires go back to a 5 tire rotation.

If for some reason you puncture another tire then you can go to a 4 tire rotation with two new tires to old tires.

That's what I would do


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Jul 28, 2017
Probably 4 tire rotation. Keep new for spare. Depends on tread depth really. Many tire shops can "shave" or match a tire for you .

It may "age" out before you replace the others and get the service life out of them unless you put alot of miles on a DD.
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Sep 28, 2015
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I agree with the above. Only way I would do a 5 tire rotation would be if all 5 tires were brand new at once.
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