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HPTuner MPVI2 & VCM Suite Review: 100% Full PCM Access For 2005-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJs


New Member
Oct 7, 2019
I have a 2004. SCT and Syked are the only software that can be used to tune 97-04. Hp Tuners and Syked is used on 05-06
Hi guys.
Great forum with plenty of info.
New to Jeeps, so still learning greatly.
If I could ask for a little help regarding the Jeep PCM for you knowledgeable people.
We are having trouble here in Australia with wanting to tune a turbo charged TJ 4.0L 2004 model.
It's a late 2004 model, with the ECU plugs having 4 row wire plugs.
Now the problem we have, is we purchased a 2004 Split Second piggyback ecu, but this is a 3 row wire plug ends, so will NOT plug inline to the ECU plugs. The supplier says we don't need a piggyback ECU, instead tune through the OBD port via tuning software. All I'm reading though, is 2004 models need a piggyback, and the newer 2005 up require tuning software.
So my question is, could my car have the newer updated ECU?
How would be the best way to check to which ECU the car has, to see what option I need?
I don't want to spend money on HP tuners or Diablo units to find it's not compatible with the current ECU!
I'm guessing they changed over to the newer ECU late 2004, so it's a hit or miss which ECU is in the car.
Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated, as modifications to Jeeps here in Australia is very limited.
Cheers and thank you for a great forum.