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Mar 18, 2023
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I have referred to the forums over the last 2 years regarding intermittent blower motor issues. It started when it was not functional at all. I initially replaced the resistor and the blower motor and it worked for a period of time before failing again. I then replaced the switch panel and even spliced new female connectors where they typically melt, along with replacing the relay and the resistor connector plug(if I’m not mistaken in the specific connector). Fuses have never been blown either. Since all these replacements it has been intermittent, either normal function or zero function at all. (All blower side issues, heat and AC compressor work just fine)

Over the last year the blower would work for about a week or two, if I was lucky a month, then proceed to stop working again for a couple months at a time before working again.

I am currently between jobs and trying to avoid a shop as just diagnosing the issue at one shop was quoted 200, no repairs. Electrical is a bit outside of my skill set, but I do have a multimeter but no idea how to use it and diagnose the issue properly.

With the heat not to far away in Texas I am looking to see if there’s a simple fix I may be missing. The other posts on the blower wiring issues on here were helpful initially and after having followed some of them in my previous attempts to fix and still having issues I figured I would look for help if anyone has experienced what I have. If you know of a fix or specific existing posts that would be helpful in my case I would appreciate any help I can get.



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Apr 6, 2022
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I highly suggest you start watching this video to learn the basics of how to use a multimeter and the basics of electrical testing. A multimeter is an invaluable tool to have and how to use it safely is even more important.

This guy explains things very clearly.