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I don't want to live on this planet anymore


TJ Enthusiast
Apr 27, 2018
So. Cal.
I think they could make a street legal cj2a. I mean the may have to stretch it out both ways and do some stuff to it, but if they can revive a 68 camaro, they can do this. Well maybe not Fiat/Chrysler. I have been thinking in my head how the hell to do it myself, but I am much too old and my current TJ takes most of my time as it is.
Yes, factory made. I'll sign all the papers to delete all the nanny control BS. Make it like my old '43 GPW that I sold. STUPIDSTOOPIDSTUPID!!! me.


Old School Jeep TJ Tinker
Supporting Member
Feb 1, 2019
Southern california
Official Guide for Wrangler type Jeeps:

CJ = Civilian Jeep. (Not called a "Wrangler").

YJ = Yuppie Jeep. (First Mention of "Wrangler").

TJ = Tom Jones. (Cool and Captivating in an old school way).

JK = Just Kidding

JL = Just Laughing