I Would Drive This Unimog To Work

Ain't that cute?

I have been fascinated with Unimog's since I was a wee lad in the 70's. The local firehouse had one. I would break my neck trying to get sight of it as we passed. They used it for brush fires as at the time we were on the edge of town, surrounded by desert.
Those are so cool.
There were a ton of Swiss surplus 404s available about about 10 years ago for relatively cheap. Everything is great till you need parts, then it's $$$$$
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Just look at the winch on the rear of this little guy. Interesting set up with the self loader also.

Damn - that looks like the dragsters we drew in 4th grade or so that had carburetors bigger than the engine! That winch looks ginormous - looks like a PTO shaft next to it? And onboard hydraulics as well!
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