I'm gonna brag

If that’s the truth then message me young man and I’ll send you a torque wrench to get you started. Well done on the axle swap. I’ve got mine out at the moment myself but as others have stated it takes us older or injured guys a lot longer to get back up off the floor afterwards.

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This is why I love the jeep community. I used to work heavily in the rat rod community and they sponsor a non profit called wrenching for the future! Pretty cool programs out there.
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not to brag, but I swapped my rear axle myself and im 15 and I didn't have a torque wrench, just hand wrenches.

im totally bragging btw

im not sure why I made this thread.

guess I just want to brag about something everyones probably done

crap I feel dumb now
We need more like you. Much of the this will be a lost art at some point with only the older folks having the knowledge. Do you have a mentor or are you completely on your own?
No kidding that's awesome, good job!! 🤩 My bet is 99% of the men under 40 couldn't have done that and 90% of guys over 40 couldn't have done it either.

Nice job!
Us guys over 67 just pay young guys to do it!

I paid for all that a good while back!

Good job.

Torque wrench at Harbor Freight is like 15 bucks. BTW good enough for most things. Its not rocket surgery.
That's Awesome! "Getting er done" at a young age. Thats the right attitude to carry you through life. To many young kids expect others to resolve there issues.
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This thread is worthless without pics

That's right, lets see that axle!!! :ROFLMAO:
before and after, I'll let you figure out which is which
@thekidwithquestions should have a torque wrench for use on his next project on Friday. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty trying something on your own and learning a new skill in the process young man.
I’ve been saving up for a Bridgeport - can you help me out?


In all seriousness, that’s a great thing you did for the kid, @Rescue6. You’re an example of the best of what these forums are all about.
Glad I could help get you started. Continue learning how to do things on your own. It will serve you well. Never be afraid to try something new as that’s how you learn new skills and Continue to ask the questions as there are plenty of very knowledgeable people on here that can help.
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