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Impulsive purchase - zero regrets


New Member
Mar 22, 2023
Warrington, UK
Hi all,

About 6 weeks ago I drove past an Jeep CJ6 and couldnt take my eyes off it! After a little research I decided I wanted something similar, however with having zero mechanical knowledge I figured something a little newer would be a smarter option.

2 days after my CJ6 sighting I purchased a 2006 Sahara Edition TJ, its a Japanese import, with 50k miles, lovely and clean.

I immediately booked it in with Andy at Storm Jeeps (who I couldnt recommened enough), for a full overhaul which included a 2" lift, 1" body lift, light bar with CIBIE lights, BestTop Roof, polished chrome wheels with 33" tyres... Mrs was fuming.

Anyway, here we are. Its horrific to drive, offers single figures on MPG, doesnt fit in the garage and nearly impossible to park, and I absolutely love it.



Looks good! Make sure you don't forget to take the light covers off when use them...
And those wheels are polished aluminum.. I bit of work to maintain but love the throw-back look.