Is Bestop really the Best Top?

Decent quality but a terrible fit.

The frame is bent. Open up the bends on the frame between the B and C pillars to tighten up the fabric.

The problem is the header is flat but the windshield has an arc. This pic shows the top not buckled. It's straight across. once buckled, it bends but only to the point of the buckles, then continues straight resulting in the gap at the corners. I tried releasing all rearward tension by taking the whole back and side windows loose, but it won't pull forward any more.

A rampage top is an inexpensive versatile top, not a top line long term product. It’s a good top for the money if you’re not expecting much in terms of quietness and ruggedness.

Bestop has been the name for years, but outsourcing and newer model focus have likely crept in. Years back they were basically a perfect fit, every time. I hope they don’t lose their good name.

We live in a world where product differences are disappearing between manufactures and the ability to tool up and compete is better than ever.

To compete in today’s world and be the best you have to stay on your game, every day.
Folks know I run the Rampage. I prefer it over the Bestop Trektop fastback mainly because I do not like all the hardware that comes with the Sunrider feature on the Trektop. The Rampage is much simpler. I’m also hard on tops, and damage them often. The price point lets me keep a spare, and I don’t get upset when I damage one.

I don’t think I’ve ever had one fail from normal wear and tear. But I’ve had the rig for 20 years and it has about 25,000 miles - so it doesn’t get out much…

I personally think the fastback looks much better on an LJ than the standard soft top.