Is it bad to combine two catalytic converter brands together


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Feb 11, 2019
I live in California and I am trying to pass smog with a p0420 code, My cat is due for a replacement . I can't find anything carb compliant, I have settled to choose They offer two brand's "Walker" and "Bosel" for the two banks, from research "Walkers", has shitty welding so I guess I'll go with Bosel both are much cheaper than the 700 dollar Magana flow from O Rileys. This is just the discussion of the two banks. I couldn' find anywhere that sells a carb compliant rear 3rd cat so I was debating to get the "Bosel" 2 banks -

Bosel 2 Banks
and for the rear cat I was deciding to go with this -

now is this bad to combine two brands together should I just go with the walker or go the extra mile go for a 5-year warranty and get Magna flow from the auto part store? please help


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May 23, 2018
Morrison, CO
My walker has held up fine since replacing it almost 4 years ago. I didnt note any terrible welding. I bought the entire Walker exhaust system for $300 I think on Rock Auto.

I have found though that when exhaust work is needed, its much easier and cheaper to go to the local exhaust/muffler shop. I had one local that cut my cat and tweeked the entire back half to work with my shocks, they charged me $40. Years ago I had true duals installed on a 1/2 ton truck I owned, IIRC that was $250 for headers and all the way to 3.5" stainless steel tips.


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Aug 13, 2016
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My Walker was fine and nothing wrong with the welds. I opted for the 50-state OEM version which was another $100 bucks over the cheap one, which isn't rated for use in Cali.