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Is Neuralink the future?

This is probably a poor way to think but it's the truth...im glad I'll be dead and gone when all this crap becomes the norm. I just feel sorry for my kids and grandkids...but maybe my parents and their parents said the same thing. Sorry to derail
Given our AI here, I can't imagine being hooked to it.

How do you teach people with unlimited lookup capability, but no thought process? They'll be able to regergitate crap from online with a thought, yet it will be the same crap in the end. Pron and social media. Government filtered facts, no "misinformation".

The people with it will appear smart but just be drones. Except the people feeding the AI. They'll use it for a way different purpose that won't be good.

They will start with medical, and will help some, then end up with Robocop, terminators and augmented freaks. Or worker drones and "the elite".
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I can see how this goes, Manchurian candidates

The Military & rogue spy agency options to infiltrate and assasssinate are endless

He had a whopping 320GB of storage, or a micro-sd card.

Which in the era of floppy disks, was HUGE
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