Is the Jeep wave almost extinct?

It depends on where and when you are passing other Jeeps. During one of our recent snow storms, I was getting a lot of waves from the JKs who were out braving the 2-3" of unplowed snow on the city streets. That was a pretty exciting morning for some.
You have to realize Jeeps are no longer just made/used by offroaders who really get into the whole Jeep thing. Since the introduction of 4 door models with fancy interiors, those models are predominantly being bought by people who have zero interest in their offroad abilities.

If I'm going to expend the energy to wave, it's going to be directed solely at a Jeep that is obviously into the Jeep-thing. Clues like having a winch, big tires, battle damage, etc. will get my attention. A pristine Jeep, especially withy 4 doors, with Armoralled tires on 18-20" wheels won't.

And the wave thing isn't just about Jeeps. Also included are owners of sports cars, Porsches, Harley Davidsons, or other unique vehicles with a following. :)
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Agree with Jerry. I've gone from waving at every Wrangler to waiting to see if the folks in the Wrangler minivans initiate the wave, and then I'll return it. But if I see any Jeep that looks like it has seen some good times, including Cherokees and Grands, I'll give them a wave. Especially the XJ folks. They have been neglected for too long, and those were the original Wrangler Unlimiteds.
Was just in my Jeep for the first time in months today, and the wave seems to be alive and well in Chicago. There's just so many Jeeps around here now my arm would drop off if I waved to them all.
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I've observed that it has become less of a "Jeep" wave and has evolved into more of a 'Jeep Off-road Enthusiast" wave. You can't help but wave when you lock eyes with another Jeeper because you're checking out and appreciating each other's ride. However, if you're to busy talking on your Bluetooth and to busy looking annoyed because daddy or hubby bought you a Jeep instead of a BMW, then I don't waste the effort of lifting my arm.

Also, it depends on when and where you are. When I'm in the valley, on a weekday, I get and give waves 30% of the time. On a weekend up in the Sierra Nevadas, the Jeep wave is up close to 100% .
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Often times I'll miss a wave because I'm too busy looking at the road in front of me
I rarely drive with my hand on top of the steering wheel the way many seem to do, so I'm not at the ready for a quick response.
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I rarely drive with my hand on top of the steering wheel the way many seem to do, so I'm not at the ready for a quick response.
I only drive like this. I put a hole in the leather right in the top of my last jeeps steering wheel

I still think the wave is going strong down here in Texas. My wife drives a jl and I yell at her for not waving all the time. I find my self waving for her when I’m in the passenger seat
I def always give the 2 finger Jeep wave and seem to get it back most of the time here in Eastern NC. Jerry also makes a good point because us HD riders, which I happen to be, also do “the wave” when we pass one another. ✌

Edit: Forgot to mention that my 14 year old daughter, who thinks nothing I do is cool, thinks the Jeep wave is cool. Especially when she’s rocking her It’s a Jeep thing or Jeep hair don’t care shirts while riding with me.
I never wave at a JK unless it’s initiated first. Simply because of what Jerry said. The majorty of JKs here in LA are not used for off-roading. JKs need to have the “off-road goodies” but they still need to do it first. Some Jk owners have no clue about the jeep wave. It’s funny when stock JK’s give the wave because I know dam well they don’t off-road it. There are a TONs of JK mall crawlers here. I initiate the jeep wave only to TJ’s and YJ’s. I have got waves from XJ’s before. If I was out on the trails every jeep would get the jeep wave. Sometimes riding with my girlfriend she would say a jeep just waved at you and you didn’t look I think it’s funny because she knows the wave.👌 she also got mad because a girl gave me a jeep wave and I waved back I thought it was the funniest thing ever 😂😂😂😂
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Small town, I know most everyone and I'll wave to them all regardless of what they drive.
But I rarely wave to a stranger regardless of what they drive.
I wave at every Jeep... when I'm not in 'road daze'. I figure, sooner or later, those in the dark will google 'why do Jeeps wave at me when I'm in my Jeep' and figure it out.

I'm sure some can't bring themselves to wave at 'old' Jeeps due to whatever ego trip they're on, but I think that's a minority. I always pass a young (20something) lady through the week and she's went from not waving to waving first! Mission accomplished!