Is there a market for factory 15 inch wheels?

They are handy to keep around. Make a grinder stand, etc*.
Nice when working on your Jeep when you are doing something you don’t want your ‘good’ wheels to get messed up.

edit; *If they are steel wheels
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Moab and Ravine wheels seem to draw the most attention. I've sold a few sets, mostly to people with XJs or Comanches trying to get back to a stock look.
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I wanted to go back to stock Ravines and spent a fair bit of time and money on the project. In decent shape I’d guess they’re worth $40-$70 each. Probably the same for Canyons, and Moabs might be worth more.
I paid $100 for a set of 5 ravines to get back closer to stock look. Not the right ones, but closer. Still looking for the 16” originals.
Which ones are these?

Those don’t have a name. They are just plain old Jeep steel wheels. They go for about $10-$20 each, more if they have good tires.

Looks like it is in good shape but still not worth much. Odd there is no wheel weight on the outside lip?
I really like my Graphite alloy ecco,s and if I stick to 15,s I cant see anything better looking around. but OP,s steel wheels are 2 a penny even in Australia where we pay a fortune for anything jeep.