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Is there a way to tell if my OPDA has been changed?


TJ Enthusiast
Jun 11, 2017
Spring Hill, FL, United States
I bought my LJR 2nd hand. I am reading how a OPDA can damage other things when it fails. I was wondering if there is a way to tell if mine has been changed to the updated Crown. I looked at both and they look the same. If I can't find a definite answer how to tell the difference I will just order one. $110. No biggie but I have so many small things that cost $100+. It adds up

Jerry Bransford

TJ Guru Moderator
Staff Member
Supporting Member
Nov 9, 2015
Fleming Island Florida
If you replace it, make sure to not use the sensor (camshaft position) that comes in the Crown kit, re-use what is in there now which is hopefully the OEM Mopar.


Chris is a pussy
Supporting Member
Ride of the Month Winner
Sep 11, 2018
Highlands Ranch, CO
I've read, and found on mine, that the OEM one had a sticker around the collar (near where the plastic cap closes) that reads something similar to "LKI Inc" or something like that (looking back at my pictures I didn't take one of that). None of the replacements do.

It's worth just popping out to check the wear on the teeth either way, if you see wear it's likely OEM.