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Is This Normal?


New Member
Jan 7, 2022
I’ve been trying to track down a loud pop sound that occurs intermittently, and usually when I’m reversing with the wheel fully turned to the right. Although I will sometimes hear the loud clunk over bumps.

Climbed underneath and started pulling on things just to see. Is this amount of play normal? It wiggles a lot when pulling on them. It’s the same on both sides of (what I’m assuming) are the bottom of the rear sway bar links.

I’ve already had all u-joints, rear driveshaft, axles, and front wheel bearings replaced, amongst other things, as well as rebuilt the rear diff.


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Jerry Bransford

TJ Guru Moderator
Staff Member
Supporting Member
Nov 9, 2015
Fleming Island Florida
What's causing the clunking as you push-pull on the link is a bad bushing (or two). Could be the bushing there where the bolt passes through or at the bushings inside the brackets that hold the middle of the antiswaybar to the frame above. Nice video and and nice work troubleshooting the clunking!