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Issues with repair shop

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Deleted member 12552

2004 Wrangler X owned for 3 months, solid truck. There was a slight issue with the brakes in a panic stop only the driver side front tire locked. Took to the local shop under new ownership for inspection and repair. The diagnosis was new brake shoes only which I suspect the previous owner dove a bit with the e brake pulled. Repair done drove home, next morning drove to work in rain and after 5 miles total from pick up got a metal grinding noise from passenger side that made me think I was loosing a wheel, got out in pouring rain to see if I could tell what issue was, nothing obvious. About 5 miles later all was good no issues. They didn't feel that great at the pedal but they were better than before. Something had came apart inside the right rear drum they had just worked on and tore up the hydraulics slowly lost brake fluid and in a second panic stop pedal went to floor lucky I'm not dead pulled e brake to stop. Story gets better from here, they fixed it said it was my fault from pulling the e brake as some bar bent from it's use. Their over the phone diagnosis was a broken brake line which I hoped it would be so it would have not been their issue but it wasn't. Paid $52 in parts for the repair, if that would have been the end of it I would have dropped it. When I took it back in for the brake I also took shocks and struts in the passenger seat for an install. Picked Jeep up no issues, 30 miles down the road got a noise like the rear area was full of loose hubcaps, loud bothersome and not there before. Went around to the rear and found the rear door closed but not tight against the bumpers and unlocked, hinges had sprung and now it rattles and won't close without lifting on it. I have 31in tall tires on stock rims including spare. The door was locked at drop off I'm sure as I left it there the night before with new shocks in the seat out of paranoia I checked it twice, (OCD). They say they are not responsible for any of this, there was really no reason for them to be back there and would have needed the key to open it, at this time they are trying to intimidate me into going away. Would like some experts to way in with help and advice and all is appreciated.
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