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It's the TJ Transformer you probably forgot about...


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May 30, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Red Dog

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Jan 12, 2019
Iowa, Trenton's Tiki Hut
The original Autobot Hound was more like an early CJ grill variety. Loved me some Transformers as a kid. Would be a cool toy to add to the collection , but not at $250 dollars!

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My apologies for the necro-post, not only do I remember that I'm looking at it while I type (in Jeep mode). Managed to grab one from the local K-Mart back in 2004/5 and only had to pay the MSRP of $25 :-D
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Sep 13, 2018
Northern Virginia
I am really going to date myself and show my geekiness here but the the Hound in that link is from the Binaltech Transformers line from the 2000s as mentioned. They feature metal bodies and were never officially sold in the US. Instead, we got the Alternator line which was essentially the same but in all plastic. You are not necessarily that old if you remember these. When I think of my youth, I think mostly back to the G1 Hound from the 80s. Sigh.
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