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Sorry to hear about that. Jaxon's first off road trip ever or his first in that Jeep? How old is he? Maybe he just needs some extra training to keep him calmer while off roading (and while sitting on your brother's lap).

Early on we had problems with Greta not wanting to be anywhere near any vehicle. Once we were able to get her in, she had to be on someone's lap no matter what. With the top off I tried putting her in my TJ while I was building a platform for her to ride on. She hated it and wanted to jump out, luckily she realized it was too high to jump from.
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I put her in the back of my parked Ram 1500 and she wanted to jump over the side of the bed to get out. The way I fixed this was "leashing" her to the TJ passenger seat, taking the doors off and driving a half a mile or so in my neighborhood. Later that day we went a little farther. We stepped it up a couple times and the next thing I knew she was sitting on my shoulders like Jaxon in your picture. Here we are at a stop sign.
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She's been off roading with me a couple times and we've had no problems. Maybe that's just because the windows were removed each time. She's not exactly terrible, but not so good in enclosed vehicles.

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Our random peeing issue happens when she is over exited to see anybody or anything with a heartbeat. We've got her considerably better with the peeing (it's been a few weeks) and somewhat better about being over excited. We're still hoping for the best of both.
Jaxon has been going out with my wife and I in the jeep since we "ordered" him as a puppy, and picked him up at two months old. In fact, the day we picked him up from the breeder (hate that word), we did so in the jeep. I just remembered that fact! His very first ride was in the jeep! Ha.
Anyway, he's been riding forest trails and "light duty" trails, as that's all my heap was capable of until the "big build".
Now, going out into real 4WD territory (places my jeep would not go) has proven to be quite a bit different ride quality than before. All of a sudden, it's like we're on choppy waters in a lil boat, or some such. Just really crazy bouncing back and forth, and I think that made him car sick. Not even sure if dogs get car sick, but I'm pretty certain he did.
We rescued this french Mastiff (Hooch) girl a few weeks ago, poor thing was used for breeding in the Ukraine and ended up in a not so great home here in the state, she’s a sweetie but quiet, 115 pounds of chicken, we’re trying to get her to come out of her shell, we gain a little bit of being a free normal house dog out of her every day.
Maybe some day she’ll enjoy rides in the Jeep
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I miss mine so much! Awesome temperament
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My old pal loved to riding, when I had my 4 Runner, he passed before I got the Jeep.

We now have two girls for the Jeep.
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Cali, my 5 month old Dane after riding to and playing around in the ballfield with me and my oldest son this afternoon.

75+ lbs of stubborn, goofy attitude that alternates between playing hard and crash sleeping. LOVES to ride in the front seat of the Jeep, but will likely grow out of that very, very soon.

I don't have a picture of Clancy with my current TJ, but here he is in the back of our '40 Packard coupe. He could well be saying "To the doggy beach, James"!
He's a rescue (the best kind). His mother was border collie, standard collie, and blue heeler. His dad was chow, husky, and lab. A hundred pounds of love and loyalty.

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Hard day today. Jada was a 6 year old English sheepdog who loved to be in the Jeep . Either for a ride or just in the garage. She was diagnosed with bone cancer in the left rear leg 3 weeks ago . As of last week it had spread to her lungs. We chose to put her down today. She was our 5th sheepdog over the years. So it goes.