Jeep TJ 4.0 turbo tuning and build (basemap for GM 2 bar map sensor)

Here are a few logs for you, i also included a log from the jeep bone stock for reference, to see the heat soak, the stock log was taken on a day that was 6C the logs today at 23C, you can see in the first log why i dont like the factory sensor, it heat soaks bad in traffic, and thats 80% of the driving i do, im going to be buying a standalone gauge eventually that has 2 sensors one for pre turbo and one for after turbo and or intercooler. intake filter was cool to the touch after the pulls today so ide say the intake is working well.

I also turned up the tune today, added 3 degrees in boost and pulled a bit of fuel, this is the final tune for it in this configuration.

Thanks for the logs.

It looks like your IATs maxed out around 88*f degrees over ambient with the scoop. As expected, that's much lower than what I had with no louver and no scoop. My guess is that your IATs are around 20* to 30* lower using the scoop instead of only having the hood louver.

Your access to 94 octane and having summer temps that max out around 83*f is pretty awesome.

Regarding the stock IAT sensor, I believe the heat soak issue is largely due to the sensor being on the intake manifold, which gets badly heat soaked by the screaming hot exhaust manifold. You can remedy that by tying the stock sensor into the elbow on the charge pipe before the throttle body like Banks did for their 05/06 kits.

My Banks kit was from a 2004, so I didn't have the ability to run my plastic clock-in-style IAT sensor into Bank's charge pipe at the elbow since it was just a tube. I refused to drill the manifold because of the heat-soak issues that I read about. Instead, I drilled a hole in the Banks tube at the elbow (same location as their 05/06 kits) and had someone tig weld in a bung so I could run a 2004 IAT sensor (after correctly guessing that it would work with my connector and 2005 PCM). I don't have heat-soak issues that the 04 and under guys have.

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If you are interested, here is my log from three highway pulls last week @7 psi in very similar ambient temps to your area (80*f). The 01:27 to 01:29 period helps show that I don't have heat soak issues with the stock IAT sensor.

Here's my numbers when driving nice and easy in town after the pulls. The IATs are 24*f over ambient. You will likely beat my IAT numbers if you combine your scoop with a decent water-to-air intercooler setup. :)

Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 12.43.59 PM.png
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