Jeep TJ crank but no start (SKIM?)


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Nov 16, 2022
Hey all, I’m at a loss as to what’s wrong with my Jeep.
It started a few days ago when I was letting it idle before I left to go out & it randomly started misfiring, sputtering before it eventually stopped running. I tried starting it again & it would sputter for a few seconds before once again dying.
Eventually it stopped starting altogether.

It threw code P1282 - “Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit An open or shorted condition detected in the fuel pump relay control circuit.”

I thought maybe I could jump the fuel pump relay but all that would do is cause It to fire & it would almost start. But it wouldnt actually start. (Improvement I guess lol)

But now the SKIM light is flashing whenever I try to turn the motor over or leave it in the run position. I’m completely at a loss & have no clue what’s wrong any ideas?


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Oct 18, 2020
Prosper, TX
I don’t own a pressure tester so I don’t know

You should be able to borrow/rent one from the parts store, unless they don't have those up in Yellowknife. :). The SKIM will let it start but will kill it shortly after it starts. It doesn't sound like SKIM is your issue.