Jeep TJ Lighting Issue


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Apr 4, 2022
Minot, ND
Aloha, I'm currently having a lighting issue with my Jeep TJ. I have recently installed full metal fenders and replaced the turning signals with the small amber 3 wire round light. In doing this I had gotten rid of the side turning signal, leaving me with just the front turning signal/running lights. Just to give a clear idea of the lighting in my jeep. However, this issue precedes that modification. I do also have LED headlights and Tailights. I also have the LED-compatible flasher plugged in instead of the OEM. As well as have replaced the headlights and running lights pull switch.
The issue is that when pulling on the switch all the way to where the headlights are on, the running lights, taillights, and dash gauges are off. It is like that when the pull switch is in the running lights-only portion. However, when I pull the switch to a specific spot in between those two points in the pull switch, the dash will light up, my running lights turn on, and my taillights turn on as well. However, I cant pull the switch into for the headlights to turn on without turning off the other lights. I live in a small city and I have Halos, so I can drive without headlights bc the halo light as well as my running lights are bright enough, and in this case Id rather have the taillights on for other cars to see me in the dark because my jeep is black. I've tried looking for loose or bad grounding, but I have not found anything yet. Just thought I'd go on here and see if anyone has any answers.
It is a 99, I actually replaced the switch once but then I replaced it again just in case I got a bad switch from the auto parts store. However, it actually turned out to be the PARK LPS SKIM fuse was blown and because of where it was located I couldn't tell that it was blown until I stuck my head up in the glove box. Now everything is all good. thank you very much for the help!
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